Top Five Reasons to Try Acupuncture for Insomnia

April 18, 2012  |  By Jessica Silver

1. Trouble sleeping should not be endured.
Anyone can survive a few nights of poor sleep, but over time, daily symptoms will appear, such as physical and mental fatigue, lethargy, irritability, headaches, depression, and difficulty concentrating. Eventually the body’s energy will become depleted to the point of developing more symptoms.

2. Prevent New Disease from Developing.
Research has shown links between chronic insomnia and more serious illness, such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and fibromyalgia. In Chinese medicine, prolonged difficulty sleeping can also lead to emotional disturbances. The most efficient path is to treat signs of imbalance quickly, before they become more significant and disruptive.

3. Fix the problem from the Root Cause.
Acupuncture is also effective for many secondary symptoms, which may be contributing factors to insomnia. For example, mental stress, depression, anxiety, physical pain, digestive upset, night sweating, restless leg syndrome, and nightmares can be treated successfully at the same time.

4. Avoid Risky Side Effects.
Many sleep medications cause side effects such as daytime fatigue or foggy headedness, or are habit-forming and difficult to stop taking. Acupuncture is completely safe, with no risk of side effects. It rebalances the body’s own energy, so health can be restored naturally.

5. You Will Feel Your Absolute Best.
Since acupuncture treats the body as a whole person, the symptom of insomnia is treated from the root cause of imbalance. Not only will you feel relief from insomnia, but also an improvement in energy, moods, digestion, and immune system. Most patients benefit from feeling refreshed and balanced, and gain a new level of wellness.

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