Acupuncture Improves Fertility, But How?

August 9, 2012  |  By Jessica Silver

Acupuncture for Infertility- A Short Summary

For thousands of years, acupuncture and Chinese herbs have been used to help with fertility. More recently, this ancient medicine has also been used to improve the outcome of modern reproductive technology, such as IVF, UIU, and embryo transfers. Medical research is still working on scientific explanations for this acupuncture fertility success, but so far here are some aspects that are understood:

According to this article from PubMed,

1. Acupuncture may improve ovulation by regulating the central and peripheral nervous systems, the neuroendocrine and endocrine systems, the ovarian blood flow, and metabolism.
2. Acupuncture can improve the outcome of IVF embryo transfer, possibly via increased uterine blood flow, and alleviating symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety.
3. Acupuncture’s effect on improving immune function suggests helpfulness with IVF embryo transfer.
4. Acupuncture plays a positive role in male fertility as well.

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